what is the advantage of corrugated pipe ?
1. High production speed--Due to the low weight, the production speed of corrugated pipes is clearly higher compared to smooth pipe (subject to same ring stiffness).2. Material saving--The specific structure of corrugated pipes results in a saving of weight of up to 60% (compared to smooth pipes of same diameter and ring stiffness).3. Easy handling--Compared to pipes made of steel, concrete,clay and glass fibre, corrugated pipes are easier to handle and can be installed without heavy equipment4. Resistance to corrosion--Pipes made of HDPE, PP or PVC offer a higher resistance to aggressive substances (i.e. waste water) compared to traditional pipe systems.5. High flexibility--High-quality corrugated plastic pipes resist a deflection of up to 30%6. High ring stiffness--Corrugated pipes have a much higher ring stiffness than smooth pipes of the same weight.7. Excellent water flow--The smooth surface of the inner layer of double wall corrugated pipes guarantees an excellent water flow

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