How To Find a Corrugated Pipe Machine Factory Suitable for You
How to find a corrugated pipe machine factory suitable for you
1. company qualification
2. company experience
3.  certificate
4. make mould by supplier themself

According to incomplete statistics in 2019, there are hundreds of thousands of corrugated pipe machine factories in China. It seems that it is not easy to find a suitable manufacturer
Is the product quality guaranteed? 
how about price? 
Can the production capacity meet requirement? 
These problems are always plaguing consumers or our end customers. Today, we Qingdao Tongsan Machinery will talk with everyone about how to find a suitable corrugated pipe machine manufacturer.
For a long time, due to the low technical threshold and lack of supervision, many large and small corrugated pipe plants have appeared in China. 
Of course, the overall situation is still good, but some of them are home-style with low cost . 
What is the quality of the machine ? we do not evaluate here, I believe that consumers will have a steelyard. 
So how do we judge whether a corrugated pipe machine factory is good or not?
First, the most basic is the company must have the qualification of corrugated pipe machine production, which is the business license. From the business license, we can understand a lot of important information, such as business scope, establishment time, we can see whether they have production experience from the establishment time.
Second, whether it has the development and manufacturing experience, if necessary, we can request them provide relevant samples. 
Third, whether it has passed the certification such as CE
Fourth, whether it has the development and manufacturing capabilities to make molds by themself
whether corrugated pipe machine can meet requirements. from material development, mold development, to final production, every step is crucial. especially the mold making. the mold decide whole line quality.
if there is some companies which can take these core technologies in their hands, of course, they are the most suitable supplier for you.
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