What Is Flame Retardant Nylon corrugated pipe ?
What Is Flame Retardant Nylon corrugated pipe ?
Actually it is not easy to burn
The material used for the flame-retardant nylon corrugated pipe is modified PA6 material, which is added with flame retardant agent 

"flame retardant",  it is not means that not burnt by the open flame. it is actually not easy to burn, or will extinguish itself after leaving the fire. 
Flame retardant grade of flame retardant nylon corrugated pipe: 
V0 (UL94), burning speed <100mm/min, according to FMVSS 302 requirements. 

Flame-retardant materials are kind of protective materials that can prevent combustion and are not easy to burn. There are solid type such as cement, steel, glass, etc.; 
liquid, on the surface of various materials such as firewalls. If it is coated with a flame retardant, it can ensure that it is not easy to ignite when it is on fire, and it can also prevent and expand the combustion range 
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