How to deal with water leakage in HDPE double wall corrugated pipe
How to deal with water leakage in HDPE double wall corrugated pipe
HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is widely used in the drainage field, at that time, it is also occured various accidents, and the pipe will breaks. 
If the HDPE double wall corrugated pipe leaks, the sewage will leak and pollute the surrounding environment. 
In case of leakage of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe, it must be treated in time to prevent secondary disasters. 
And how to deal with the problem of pipeline leakage, let's take a closer look.
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Showing a slight leak
When the HDPE double wall corrugated pipe exhibits a slight water leakage condition, it can be repaired by welding. 
Firstly, in the upstream of the pipeline, the rainwater will be pumped out early through the observation well, and then the damaged part of the pipeline will be exposed to the ground. After the special welding rod, the damaged orientation will be heated and welded by the hot air gun, which can effectively treat the slight leakage of the HDPE double wall corrugated pipe. .
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Showing a serious leak
if can not repair welding phenomenon, it is advisable to completely dig up the HDPE double wall corrugated pipe in the leaking area, and then replace the damaged pipe with the whole one, and it is also easier to complete the repair.
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it is obvious that the water leakage of the pipe network is severe
When presenting the overall leak condition of the pipe network.
the first thing to check is whether the sealing ring is not well installed. 
The sealing ring orientation may be replaced or the number of sealing rings may be added to prevent the pipe from leaking. If the pipe is leaking due to the quality problem of the pipe, it is necessary to purchase qualified from the beginning. 
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