How to Use Corrugated Optic Duct Pipe ? (COD pipe machine)
How to Use Corrugated Optic Duct Pipe ?
The English name of COD is CORRUGATED OPTIC DUCT, and it is called multichannel corrugated pipe, corrugated optical cable protection pipe. 
It is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) resin by extrusion molding. 
It has a high degree of elasticity and is a pipeline product for communication protection in which several inner tubes are tightly wrapped in a corrugated outer tube. 
The production process is to tightly wrap the manufactured inner tube (3 to 7) in the corrugated outer tube during the production process.
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Advantage of COD pipe
1. Each inner tube of the COD tube stands tightly on the inner wall of the outer tube during the production process.
COD pipe making
2. The inner tube of COD pipe is smooth and easy to construct.
3. The inner pipe of COD pipe is strictly tested in advance, and then used to produce a complete COD pipe. In addition, the special spiral shape of the outer pipe enhances the pressure resistance of traditional PE straight pipe. Therefore, the pressure resistance of COD tube is extremely strong. Even if an earthquake occurs and a building collapses, it is still safe.
4. The COD bundled pipe is extremely resistant to strong acids and alkalis, so it can resist corrosion during the laying of seawater or wetlands. Thus, the purpose of protecting communication lines can be achieved.
big pressure COD pipe
5. The production length of COD pipe can reach more than 1000 meters per roll, so the construction efficiency of communication lines can be improved.
One-hole or several-hole microtubes are arranged and combined in a certain way, and the outer layer is covered with a polyethylene sheath to form a bundled tube, which can contain more tube holes in a limited space.
It has a relatively thin wall thickness of the sheath, with a typical value of 1.7mm. Generally can be applied to the existing pipe hole expansion through cement pipe, steel pipe, PVC pipe
COD pipe feed stell pipe

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