Recycable Eco-Friendly Wood Plastic Composite WPC Decking Making Machine Using Plastic Wastage

Group PP PE WPC Profile Machine
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-09-23
Item specifics
Plastic MaterialPE/PP Recycled Plastic Material
Wood MaterialWood Sawdust/Rice Husk/Straw/Cotton Straw
ProcessingMixing, Granulating, Extrusion
MchineWPC Decking Machine
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Recycable Eco-Friendly Wood Plastic Composite WPC Decking Making Machine Using Plastic Wastage
Product Application
The wood-plastic is a new kind of synthetic material which uses PVC,PP,PE resin or recycled plastic and plant fibre ( wood powder,chaff,straw etc.) as raw material and through the process of mixing,granulation,exrusion,calibrating,drawing off and cutting. 
This kind of wood-plastic materials are not only very similar with natural wood in appearance and feel,but also with the same characteristics as wood of excisable, planeable,sawable, unmatched grip,low bibulous rate, good moisture resistance, mothproof,mildew resistance,good resistance to acid and alkali,anti-corrosion, and it has the feature of fire resistance.
The products are non-toxic,non-polluting,environment-friendly and save-energied, without formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia and other harmful substances.The wood-plastic products are widely used in outdoor floor,hydrophilic construction,balcony,landscape architecture,chairs and benches, fences, indoor doors and windows, furnitures, etc.
Product Material
Plastic material
recyccled PP/PE plastic
Wood material
wood powder from rice husk/straw,wheat husk/straw,wood sawdust,wastage wood
Percentage of plastic
Percentage of wood powder
Final product
WPC decking, WPC wall cladding, WPC pergola profile, WPC fence profile, and other WPC construction profiles
Production process
raw material--mixing--granulation--extrusion and molding--surface treatment
Cost of wood plastic composite wpc decking making machine
We have different WPC manufacturing plant according to customer's requirments
We have many WPC machine in stock for sale. fast delivery is avaliable 
Project size
Smallest plant
Growing plant
Most effective plant
Ideal plant
Project machine FOB cost
80000-100000 USD
130000-170000 USD
250000-340000 USD
360000-500000 USD
Project capacity
1500 kgs per day
(24 hours running)
3000 kgs per day
(24 hours running)
9000 kgs per day
(24 hours running)
18000 kgs per day
(24 hours running)
Project factory size
300 m2
500 m2
1000 m2
2000 m2
Discription of of wood plastic composite wpc decking making machine

HGMSE series PP/PE WPC profile production line can continuously produce PP/PE WPC profile.
The WPC profile adopts two-step production process.The first step is using WPC granulating machine to make WPC pellets from recycled PP/PE material,wood powder and chemical additives.The max wood percentage can be 70%.The the WPC profile extrusion line will make the WPC pellets into WPC profiles by equip customized mold.We can equip on-line embossing machine to achieve 3D wooden pattern.

The profile produced by this production line can be sanded and brushed by sanding machine and brushing machine.

1. wpc mixer 
Mixing wood and plastic and chemical additives
2  WPC granulation machine
using 70% wood powder and 30% recycled PP/PE plastic.
After get ready wood powder and recycled PP/PE plastic, the first step is mixing them with chemicals, then use WPC granulation machine to make WPC granules

3. WPC profile extrusion line: extrusion and mold WPC profile products
The WPC profile extrusion line can make WPC granules into WPC products by equipping required mold, we can equip co-extrusion system and online 3D embossing device for making WPC products in high quality with wooden grain, the line also equipped with online cutting device.
you can change mold to make different WPC profiles by the same machine
4. Co-extrusion and online 3D embossing is good solution for making high quality WPC products
5. WPC product surface making machine
Embossing machine, sanding machine, brushing machine, online embossing machine
these machines is for making WPC products with better wooden feeling design.